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The Residents Action Group Bedfordview is a Section 21 company (not for gain) run by a dedicated voluntary Committee from within the area. RAG was established in 1999 by concerned residents who realised that we needed to take collective action to ensure our own safety in the face of uncontrolled crime. During the past nine to ten years RAG has managed to decrease the crime by about 70% from the levels experienced in 1999.
We have built our own control room which is manned 24/7 and we provide proactive and reactive services that match the best in the country, and at half the price of other enclosed areas. RAG is recognised as one of the most effective and reputable security initiatives in Gauteng.

But this service is not for free and that is why we need every resident to become a member. The costs could then be shared by everyone and thus make it very affordable. Your membership is therefore of great importance to the RAG initiative and its residents.

logo.gifThe RAG zone is defined as follows:
  • Kloof Road - along the Bill Stewart Nature Reserve in the South
  • Townsend Road - in the East
  • Van Buuren Road - in the North between Kloof and Townsend Roads
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Pro-active Security

RAG’s service provider Sinqobile, works closely with the Bedfordview Police Station and recently received a letter of Commendation for the contribution RAG security makes in combating crime in our area.
  1. Two RAG patrol vehicles, occupied by trained armed response officers from RAG’s service provider, Sinqobile, patrol the RAG area 24/7 and provide a vigilant security presence, by checking suspicious vehicles and persons.
  2. A Control Room has been built in Florence Road allowing RAG members to report incidents of crime immediately by telephone. (or panic button) only if you have armed response to the Control Officers. The patrol officers respond to these calls within 40 seconds.
  3. RAG provides the services of an Administrative Office at the Belgravia Bowling Club in Florence Road, where Heather will help RAG members with any administrative or community problems. Office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:15 to 12:45
  4. As a RAG member, you will immediately be put onto a Database and receive RAG information, monthly crime statistics and Council information. Newsletters are distributed to residents during the year.

Re-active Security - Alarm Installations by S.E.S.S.

Sinqobile Alarm Systems are available for installation in homes providing 24/7 rapid response from the RAG/Sinqobile patrol vehicles, on the activation of an alarm signal or panic button received by the control room. This ensures a response from the SAPS as well. A resident must be a RAG member before a Sinqobile alarm system can be installed. Contact the RAG office for installations.

Existing response service providers can be changed to the Sinqobile service provider by simply replacing the transponder.

RAG goes the extra mile

  1. RAG together with Sinqobile undertakes regular sweeps of the Bill Stewart Nature Reserve for safety reasons. RAG is working closely with Council to have the Reserve fenced off.
  2. The Committee and Service Provider meet on a regular basis to discuss the crime patterns and trends in our area, which are then reported on our website and in our newsletters
  3. RAG represents the area at the Bedfordview Community Police Forum monthly.
  4. RAG has negotiated a recycling program with Mama She’s


RAG Membership
  • Houses: R482 per month
  • Clusters/Townhouses: R353 per month

Sinqobile Alarm System
  • Once off radio fee: R450
  • Monitoring alarm: R190 per month
  • Installation costs are quoted by Sinqobile

The Bedfordview Residents Action Group

The Residents Action Group Bedfordview is a Section 21cc run by a dedicated Voluntary Committee from within the area. RAG was established in 2000 when crime increased, putting the safety and security of the residents residing in the RAG area at risk.

logo1.gifDuring the nine years of RAG’s existence, crime has decreased drastically, but incidents are still happening. Your membership is of great importance to the RAG initiative.

To report suspicious activity in the RAG Zone, contact the control room on 0861737700

The RAG zone is defined as follows:
  • Kloof Road - along the Bill Stewart Nature Reserve in the South
  • Townsend Road - in the East
  • Van Buuren Road - in the North between Kloof Road and Townsend Road
This website is sponsored by RAG for the benefit of ALL Bedfordview residents, businesses and visitors to our beautiful, historic suburb. Our Business Directory will support local businesses and community organisations while making it easy for residents to find a local supplier, join a community organisation and take part in commmunity events. Let's get to know each other and work towards a safer home for us all.

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