Recycling Initiatives

How our blue-bag recycling program works:

Currently an average of 1.6 tons of recyclables is collected every week from the Bedfordview RAG area via the blue bag program. All residents are welcome to join the Recycling Initiative whether you live in a free-stanidng house or a complex.

Bedfordview Residents are requested to put all of their recyclables into blue refuse bags, and to place these bags outside every Friday. "Mama She’s Waste Recyclers" will then collect the blue bags, which are taken to the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) where their contents are separated, baled and sent off to the various processors to produce new materials.

Please note that plastic, paper, metal and glass can all be put together in the same blue bag, and all packaging material for food and beverages needs to be rinsed.

The collection service has a monthly fee of R45 plus a once off administration fee of R100. Included in the fee will be a weekly collection service of mixed recyclables (unsorted) as well as the allocation of 10 free blue bags per month.

In addition Mama She's is pro-active with both the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan and Residents Associations in an effort to share costs and reduce subscriptions.

How you can you recycle?

If you are not already doing so, and would like to contribute towards protecting our Environment through the recycling of your household refuse then join our blue bag recycling program now.

  1. Register with us at bluebag© We will then send you an information leaflet with a list of recyclables and ensure that you are placed on the collection route.
  2. Purchase blue refuse bags from the Bedfordview RAG Office (on Sainsbury Road) or from the Sasol garage on Van Buuren Road for R20 per pack of 20 bags.
  3. Place your recyclables (paper, cardboard, tetrapak, plastic, glass and cans) all TOGETHER into a blue refuse bag- we will take care of the sorting.
  4. Put out your blue bag on a Friday morning. Please note that collections may take place as early as 07:30am.

Why it is important to recycle?

  • Conserves our irreplaceable natural resources.
  • Prevents the waste of potentially useful materials.
  • Avoids the environmentally damaging process of mining or harvesting new virgin materials.
  • Creates permanent employment both through collections as well as through sorting of waste material at the Material Recovery Facility (MRF).
  • May reduce crime as a result of employment opportunities for unskilled labour.
  • Reduces negative health, safety and environmental impacts resulting from waste disposal at landfill sites (methane is 20 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide).

Ultimately RECYCLING is beneficial to both Society and the Environment. By RECYCLING you can make a difference!

The Bedfordview Residents Action Group

The Residents Action Group Bedfordview is a Section 21cc run by a dedicated Voluntary Committee from within the area. RAG was established in 2000 when crime increased, putting the safety and security of the residents residing in the RAG area at risk.

logo1.gifDuring the nine years of RAG’s existence, crime has decreased drastically, but incidents are still happening. Your membership is of great importance to the RAG initiative.

To report suspicious activity in the RAG Zone, contact the control room on 0861737700

The RAG zone is defined as follows:
  • Kloof Road - along the Bill Stewart Nature Reserve in the South
  • Townsend Road - in the East
  • Van Buuren Road - in the North between Kloof Road and Townsend Road
This website is sponsored by RAG for the benefit of ALL Bedfordview residents, businesses and visitors to our beautiful, historic suburb. Our Business Directory will support local businesses and community organisations while making it easy for residents to find a local supplier, join a community organisation and take part in commmunity events. Let's get to know each other and work towards a safer home for us all.

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